DEAR FRIENDS, IT’S A THRILL TO TAKE OUR NEXT BIG LEAP WITH YOU. LAIKA Magazine has been a community-centered endeavor from the very beginning. Every story idea, every photo shoot, each issue of our magazine has been about bringing people together in an effort to merge creativity with compassion. As an independent magazine, crowd-funding was always a part of our vision. After releasing four issues, and watching our magazine become embraced by people from many different backgrounds, we felt ready for a daring step forward! So on December 11th, we launched our very first Kickstarter campaign to help us go mainstream:



Sneak peek from our 5th issue: a feature on the crew of Sea Shepherd’s Bob Barker vessel.

With this campaign, we want to take LAIKA to the next level. We want to keep bringing you the dynamic, thought-provoking content we’ve become known for — and even more of it! We want our magazine to be available in more places, to more people. One of our goals is to diversify our media. We are dreaming up a beautiful smartphone-compatible version of LAIKA, as well as a cutting-edge app that will be a mobile lifestyle companion for the modern vegan and the veg-curious. In short, we want LAIKA to become the first truly mainstream vegan publication! And with your help, we know it’s all possible. The campaign runs for 30 days and concludes on January 10th, 2015.


"Girl Wonder" featuring vegan baker Clara Polito of Clara Cakes. Issue 2.

“Girl Wonder” featuring vegan baker Clara Polito of Clara Cakes. Issue 2.

"The Compatriots" feature about caregivers at sanctuaries and the animals they share a bond with. Issue 3.

“The Compatriots” feature about caregivers at sanctuaries and the animals they share a bond with. Issue 3.

Our campaign has been selected as a Kickstarter Staff Pick, has been covered by outlets like Ecorazzi and The Discerning Brute, and your incredible support has made its momentum possible. We have some amazing rewards as part of our Kickstarter, including an exclusive t-shirt collaboration with Herbivore Clothing, photo prints of animal images from our magazine, unique experiences like attending workshops and photo shoots, and so much more! We are so excited about everything that’s coming up for LAIKA, and can’t wait to showcase to the world how exciting, rewarding, and beautiful a vegan lifestyle really is. Your support will help us reach our goals.

Thank you so much for joining us in our compassionate mission. It is a privilege to have you along on this journey.

More details and ways to help here: LAIKA’S Kickstarter Campaign



WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THE ARRIVAL OF OUR FOURTH ISSUE! This, “The Future Issue” is dedicated to the people, innovations, and activism that is propelling our society into a better tomorrow — today. Gracing the cover is the stunning Emily Deschanel — the talented and versatile star of the hit show Bones, a passionate animal advocate, and a vegan of over two decades. The captivating and humble actress opens up to LAIKA in an exclusive and inspiring profile, giving us an inside look into her life, taking us behind the scenes of Bones, shedding light on her craft, and sharing how she channels her creativity into making a positive impact on everyone around her.

Emily Deschanel vegan

We bring together personal insights from some of veganism’s brightest minds in a first-of-its kind feature, “The Futurists,” which includes the likes of Sam Simon, Russell Simmons and Jill Robinson. With equal attention and dignity we give to our human subjects, we tell the stories of animals – tackling difficult topics head on. Like the 12 page photo essay “The Will To Live,” which through resonating photography and personal accounts from devoted activists, explores the depth of animal sentience – and advances us to a better understanding. We spend time at home with the iconic Esther The Wonder Pig, who has become an ambassador for her kind, in “Moment.” We celebrate the bounty of our planet with delicious, colorful dishes in “Mexican Feast,” and beautiful fruits and vegetables in “Taste Notes.”

Morgan Bogle

Lauren Toyota

We profile bold vegan female entrepreneurs in “She’s The Boss,” and turn the mic on rising star and MTV Canada host Lauren Toyota who is raising her voice for animals in the media. We get to know leading chef Bryant Terry closer, and find out what makes his brand of vegan cuisine at once a throwback to simpler times and an exciting glimpse into the future. As usual, we have vibrant travel stories, like an in-depth food tour of Paris, with a spotlight on local cutting-edge activism.



We bring you brilliant essays, like the provocative “Animating Journalism” from James McWilliams and Vickery Eckhoff. And of course, we showcase innovative vegan beauty and fashion— all gorgeously photographed by some of today’s top talent.


Each page asserts the breadth and timeliness of the vegan and animal rights movement, and celebrates the forward-thinkers who are setting the pace. With every story, we reinforce the LAIKA credo: that one can live a fulfilling life without ever harming another. It is a joy and honor to have you, dear reader, along for this ride! We are so excited to share our Fourth Issue with you. Subscribe and get your copy HERE!

Cover and Isn’t She Lovely feature photographed by Andrew Stiles • Cover story written by Stacy Gueraseva She’s The Boss photographed by Balarama Heller Living Loud photographed by Joel Barhamand Will To Live photographed by Mike Hrinewski The Futurists illustrated by Sophie Lucido Johnson Mexican Feast photographed by Edgar Molina

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


CONSIDERING THAT WE EAT FIRST WITH OUR EYES, how our food is presented on the plate- from the color, to the geometry, to the textures, becomes of great significance. In the “Edible Art” feature in our new issue, Chef Greg Arnold treats the plate as a canvas on which he creates visually arresting compositions using imaginative vegan ingredients. For Arnold, who will open Santa Barbara, CA’s first farm-to-table modern vegan restaurant MESAVERDE in early spring 2014, “cooking has been another extension of the same creative impulses I’ve had my entire life. It’s a different set of senses that get stimulated, but it’s the same intention,” he says. A painter since the age of four, he spent years touring and making music as a guitar player in Los Angeles. “The Art of Plating” video he made for us encapsulates his creative spirit- he not only created the dishes, but filmed, edited, and scored the video itself.

All of the produce he used was locally sourced from the farmer’s market. The end result are dishes with components like pimenton clementine marinara, braised garbanzo, leek jus, dill oil, and nasturtium (a type of edible flower). Arnold’s food is of course much more than just a pretty plate. He has paid his dues at some of Los Angeles’ favorite restaurants – as the head chef and creator of Sage Bistro in Echo Park, and in the kitchens of Flore, Lifefood Organic, and Mooi, just to name a few. Over the years, the arts have continuously informed his cooking style. Some of his favorite painters include Anselm Kiefer, Cy Twombly, and Robert Rauschenberg. And he is inspired by “a lot of experimental looseness from bands like Can, The Grateful Dead, Tangerine Dream, Autechre.” When it comes to food, he says the seasons are his muse. “Waiting for certain ingredients to arrive and pairing them with other vegetables in the peak of their season, knowing they will only be around for a short time each year – really makes you appreciate them to their fullest.”

See the six page “Edible Art” feature by getting our new issue, available in print or digital. And follow Greg Arnold on instagram or his site.