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LAIKA Magazine is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated Editorial & Social Media Intern to join us at our Brooklyn, NY office. We’re looking for exceptional candidates who are excited about growing social engagement and developing groundbreaking content in an independent media environment. The ideal candidate must be savvy across all social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat), have strong written skills, be passionate about social justice and knowledgeable about veganism. This is a unique opportunity for an individual to gain hands-on experience at an exciting, innovative publication and work alongside the founder.


•    Help outline online and editorial strategy
•    Assist with original content creation
•    Generate a range of research as needed
•    Assist with planning photoshoots, and assist during shoots
•    Track and report on digital industry trends
The candidate must be available at least twice a week.
A meal and transportation stipend is provided.

About LAIKA:

A bold spirit defines LAIKA – an award-winning print and digital publication that showcases the vibrancy of vegan living and the urgency of the animal rights movement through original content. From its investigative journalism, to arts & culture reporting, LAIKA is built on the belief that a full and exciting life can be had without hurting the life of another.

“My internship at LAIKA Magazine was a supremely fruitful one. Not only did I get to refine skills that are essential to almost any career — writing, research, communication — but also work on skills that have proved uniquely valuable in subsequent positions and endeavors. I was able to grow as a worker, team player and activist. Julie is a phenomenal leader, and an internship at LAIKA is a wonderful opportunity to learn, immerse yourself in the creative process and get firsthand small business experience.” — Frances Gould, Boston University ’20.

“Interning at LAIKA is a dream come true for anyone looking to make an impact in the world of animal advocacy. Julie is incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and was hands-on with making sure I was constantly being challenged. Besides working with an amazing #BossLady, researching + editing profiles of influencers and game changers in the vegan community was incredibly inspiring. For anyone who wants to create, learn (a lot), and change the world, this is the perfect place.” — Crystal Pang, social media influencer.

“I was a Social Media intern with LAIKA Magazine and loved my experience. I learned valuable skills that prepared me for the work that I do now as a photographer. As a vegan, it was a great place to learn more about veganism and activism. I felt like I was a part of something bigger than myself. I was surrounded by people who loved what they were working on, and all of us knew our work was for the greater good. I worked very closely with Julie, the founder, and was able to learn so much from her. I look back at my time at LAIKA as a positive, inspiring and rewarding time.” — Vee Hertel, photographer.