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The Perseverance Issue

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The Perseverance Issue, our 8th edition, is here to lift you up, give you strength and remind you that we are at our best when we help one another; when we unite to protect our sacred planet and all of its inhabitants. Our 8th edition is full of powerful, galvanizing stories of community activists like our cover star Lorena Ramirez. It embodies shelter from turmoil where hope, solidarity, equality, truth and empathy flourish.

More highlights from Issue Eight include:

• “Strong, Moral Stand”: a collection of powerful stories from full-time animals rights activists about their life on the frontlines.

• “Gold Standard”: a galvanizing profile of vegan sprinter Morgan Mitchell of The Game Changers fame.

• An inspiring conversation with teenage activist Genesis Butler and her mother Genelle.

• “Big Life Small Footprint”: An in-depth report on the impacts of climate change and how we can all do our part by eliminating waste from our lives.

• An uplifting profile of Lauren Toyota, full of wisdom on how to tap into our magic to heal during troubled times.

• “All Together Now”: Four activists of color in the Washington, DC area on building a vegan movement that is accessible and inclusive to all.

• A moving profile of Lauren Toyota, full of wisdom on how to tap into our magic to heal during troubled times.

Inside every issue of LAIKA, you will be immersed in gorgeous visuals and creative storytelling on topics like the emotional world of animals, rescue missions and animal rights activism techniques. Each issue seeks to inform you, uplift you, and shift the status quo.

64 pages. Original photography and exclusive content. Created in the USA. The publication comes in a beautiful high resolution PDF, downloadable to your desktop, laptop, iPad or similar device.


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